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My first My Ocean Kitchen post

I’m really excited to be starting a blog about life by the water. I had a cooking blog for a while where I shared recipes and adventures about my life in Sydney. Now, following the pandemic, my life has changed so much – I cook differently and I don’t even live in Sydney anymore, just for a couple of examples.

So I thought I’d like to do something new.

It just so happens my husband I are now empty nesters who live by the water and spend much of our life at beaches, restaurants or boating. Much of my weekend time is spent cooking on a boat and let me tell you that has plenty of challenges but it absolutely can be super fun.

Plenty of people ask me about that and how we manage it, so I thought why not create a blog that gives people tips and advice? I love to cook and eat out and I’m always excited to find new ways of doing things.

Most of my boat cooking is done on a bbq/grill or a hot plate, so all of the recipes are easy to replicate when camping or even at home. I’m also a big fun of pre-preparing and I hate food waste, so I really try to use everything up and think ahead.

I think so much about cooking when you travel – by car, RV or boat -is really about planning. It’s about making the food fit the mood, if you will. What will be easy? What will we feel like? What will be quick? What will make the experience feel luxe? What suits the location?

Whether it’s a snack, a cocktail or a whole meal, it needs to work in the moment and the location.

I tell people I like organised spontaneity, which means if I have a plan and no one will starve, I’m happy to adapt.

So I hope you enjoy my upcoming posts – whether they’re restaurant reviews, recipes or suggestions on how to stock a coastal kitchen.

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